Precedent may be set in Enron extradition case

A High Court will decide today whether three former NatWest bankers should be
extradited to the US to answer Enron-related fraud charges.

The charges carry jail terms of up to 35 years.

If the court rules that the men should face charges in the US, it could
impact on other UK businessmen facing similar type charges.

The three men fighting the extradition are David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and
Giles Darby who are accused of defrauding Greenwich NatWest of $7.3m (£4.2m) by
investing in one of Enron’s offshore operations.

In their legal challenge, the group is protesting against the home
secretary’s ruling that they face charges in the US and the Serious Fraud
Office’s decision not to investigate the matter in the UK – the bankers argue
that as they are accused of defrauding a UK bank and should be prosecuted in the

Regardless of the outcome, both parties have said they will appeal to the
House of Lords if the court does not rule in their favour, The

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