Post Office counters criticism with web venture

The sites will be launched next week and will be available from the UK Villages homepage at The intention is to develop new community channels for local residents for whom the local Post Office was a central pillar of the community.

Users will be able to access local information such as opening hours for shops and services, and online retail and community bulletin boards where anyone can post information. Users can also order foreign currency online in conjunction with and collect it from their local branches. Travel insurance will also be available online.

The community system will cover 18,000 outlets across the UK, but not all of these are in rural areas and not all will be closed down to be replaced with ‘cyber post-offices’.

‘The traditional view of the rural community puts the Post Office at the heart of the village, with a strong community ethic,’ said Ellie Stoneley, marketing director at UK Villages.


Post Office FD to arrive after Christmas

The Post Office

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