The Big Question: FDs admit to cannabis

Although none of those admitting to such illicit activity were prepared to give their name, proving themselves shyer than Tory shadow cabinet members, a few were prepared to comment.

‘It’s great, I recommend it,’ said one of the FDs surveyed, while another argued: ‘Cannabis should be treated the same way as alcohol.’

Even some of the 60% of FDs who said they had not tried the drug expressed support for decriminalisation.

One said: ‘I haven’t tried it myself, but it should be decriminalised. Enforcing the law is a waste of police time.’

Some, however, supported shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe’s hardline stance. ‘I am completely anti-drugs and believe that it could lead to other things,’ said one.

The poll also revealed support for allowing cannabis to be used on prescription for certain medical conditions.

Six per cent of the poll of 250 FDs declined to say whether or not they had tried cannabis.


Taking Stock – FDS come clean on cannabis

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