FDs’ emphatic ‘no’ to domestic perks

Nearly half of the FDs, 49%, said companies should not provide domestic services and special treats to help boost staff morale.

One FD said: ‘There are high cost implications for providing these services, especially if you are a small business.’

Another added: ‘Special services should be offered as a trade-off. For example, swap a few days holiday for childcare. Extra benefits should not be provided without being fully researched and tested.’

Although some agreed with the idea of perks, they thought providing domestic services was too much. ‘People should be able to organise their own lives and work at the same time,’ said one.

But 42% of respondents said staff should be provided with special treats, saying they attract good staff, help morale and increase productivity.According to one it is a ‘good idea to maintain the right staff in a competitive market. Once out of recession, loyalty will be equally important as in a recession.’


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