PwC put on Burma ‘dirty list’

Link: Lawyers question PwC over Tyco

The Burma Campaign, which aims to stop UK companies from operating or investing in the state in a bid to bring about reform, claims PwC is ‘facilitating investment’ in the region.

John Jackson, director of the campaign, conceded that PwC is ‘not strictly in Burma’ but was adamant the firm was linked to investments in the country.

Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of Burma’s opposition party, was released earlier this year after 19 months of house arrest.

A PwC spokesman rejected the accusations, reiterating the company’s statement from earlier this year. ‘PwC Global does not carry out traditional auditing in Myanmar (Burma). There is a co-operated firm in Myanmar to which PwC’s associated firms in countries which do not have a trade embargo against Myanmar refer their clients, should these clients require business advice in Myanmar.

‘PwC UK does not have any interest in that co-operated firm,’ said the spokesman.

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