BDO conducts internal investigation into dismissal

An internal investigation is taking place at BDO Stoy Hayward following a
claim of unfair dismissal made against the firm by former employee Ayesha

BDO has denied allegations by Sheika that she was unfairly dismissed and
discriminated against in December last year, but a spokeswoman confirmed that an
internal investigation into the situation had begun since the claim was made in

Sheika reportedly made a formal complaint against the firm in January that
managers pried into her private life after her parents arranged for her to marry
someone she had never met in Pakistan.

She was quizzed, according to a report in the Metro, about her
future plans by a manager, who was concerned her husband would make her give up
work. The firm is alleged to have reneged on a promise of training, and her
working life made a misery by office gossips, it reported.

BDO denies the claims, which allege that she was discriminated on the basis
of her race and religion, saying that she was made redundant in a genuine work

The case is expected to be heard later this year.

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