Ireland’s top taxman signs off

Frank Daly, Ireland’s chairman of the revenue commissioners, signed off
yesterday, as the country’s the most successful taxman, recording a staggering
€363bn (?278bn) for its coffers during his time at the top.

Daly boasts a distinguished career over more than four decades of a widely
varying career, from tracking down smugglers as a young customs officer to
clamping down on tax evaders and offshore account holders, The Irish

Daly said on leaving he was pleased there was a greater understanding of the
value of people ‘paying their share’. In his 12 years on the board of the
Revenue, the organisation collected in a massive €363bn in net receipts.

‘I’m very proud to have served the Revenue for 44 years and delighted to have
had the privilege of leading this remarkable organisation for the last six
years,’ he said.

story in The Irish Independent

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