Izza calls for freeze on HMRC job cuts

A freeze on job cuts at HM Revenue & Customs is essential until it can be
ascertained whether the department is adequately resourced, ICAEW chief
executive Michael Izza has said.

‘In tandem with the next stage of this review, we believe government should
look at the day-to-day operation of HMRC and ensure that it is properly
resourced to deliver. Until this happens, there should be a moratorium on any
further job cuts,’ Izza said, reacting to the release of the the interim report
by PwC boss Kieran Poynter on data security at HMRC.

Izza said the ‘initial findings’ of the Poynter report on the loss of 25
million people’s personal data was a ‘first step’ in addressing data security at
HMRC, but said more needed to be done.

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