Attacker wins case

A Scots ICA member who permanently disfigured a colleague by striking him in the face with a water jug during a fight, has won his appeal against a two-year suspension from membership.

The Scottish insititute’s discipline tribunal had initially suspended Dundee-based insolvency practitioner Thomas Dyer for two years after a sheriff’s court convicted him in August 1996 of seriously assaulting a former business colleague.

At the original discipline tribunal Dyer admitted that his conduct had been discreditable to a member of the institute. But he later appealed against the two-year suspension because he believed the penalty to be excessive.

The institute cut Dyer’s term to six months, after an appeal hearing on 10 December found in his favour. Dyer is also attempting to overturn the discipline tribunal’s findings on four other charges of professional misconduct that were made on a separate complaint.

The appeal hearing against these latter findings, details of which cannot be revealed for legal reasons, is expected to be heard in March.

After a separate disciplinary hearing the institute has also expelled a Malaysian-born member Leong Kwok-Nyem for breaching Hong Kong’s insider dealing regulations.

The institute, which also fined Leong #4,000, ruled that in December 1992 he had instructed his wife to buy shares in a company, which he knew was likely to be acquired. His insider dealing was said to have made him over #29,000.

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