Germans get new Liechtenstein data

German state prosecutors have been handed new data on Liechtenstein account
holders that could extend the scope of an investigation into tax evaders using
the principality to stash money away,
FT reported

A man facing charges relating to handling bank data from the tax haven has
given documents to authorities covering 1,850 people holding assets at
Liechtensteinische Landesbank, the second largest bank in the principality.

Lawyer Astrid Denecke, acting for Michael Freitag, said: ‘We handed the
documents to the court in his [Mr Freitag’s] name and the court passed them on
to the Rostock prosecutor. We hope this act of co-operation will contribute to
reducing… punishment.’

Freitag, a German national, is on trial charged with trying to blackmail the
Liechtenstein bank into paying €13m (£10m) for the return of secret account data
stolen by an employee.

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