Audit issues lead to Easier EGM

Shareholders in Easier plc have set a date for an EGM in an attempt to oust current directors David Gough and Andrew Milne, following concerns about the resignation of Deloitte as auditor and the lack of information surrounding Brebner Allen & Trapp’s appointment in the same role.

Link: EGM planned to remove Easier directors

Neville Buch and Gilbert Chalk, who between them hold 10% of shares in the company, had issued a call for Gough and Milne to convene an EGM three weeks ago, but the directors failed to do so.

In a circular issued to shareholders today, Buch said he was ‘very concerned’ with the company’s current financial position, and cited Deloitte’s resignation as auditor last year as one of several concerns he had with the running of Easier.

The appointment of Easier’s new auditors, Brebner Allen & Trapp, has still not been communicated to shareholders, Buch said in an earlier statement.

In today’s circular, Buch questioned the handing over of day-to-day management of the company to Brian Copsey – another move that had not been communicated to shareholders.

‘There may well be other matters which come to light which compound this sorry state of affairs,’ Buch said in the circular.

An Easier spokesman said that the current directors had yet to see the circular and could therefore could not comment on its contents.

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