Profile: Peter Atkinson, Hacker Young

Peter Atkinson is ‘coming home’. An ardent Man United fan, he is returning to Manchester as senior audit manager of Hacker Young, after a nine-year spell playing away for Cooper-Parry in the East Midlands.

A self-confessed figures freak, ‘fashionable or not’, Atkinson admits an enduring passion for maths, as well as football, and knew from the cradle that accountancy was for him.

Conscious that audit ‘is not the most glamourous side of the profession’, he enthuses: ‘I’m like a diamond cutter. Every facet I address gives the business gem a more interesting sparkle from my viewpoint.’

Not one to hold back on his new team, Atkinson has already been involved in ‘the AIM flotation of a client company intent on exploring the seabed around the Falklands for oil’. He elaborates: ‘It raised #15m … and the political temperature halfway around the southern hemisphere.’

To celebrate the millennium, Atkinson’s goal is partnership status. Until that time, he plans to take ‘every opportunity to learn more and indulge my fascination with the infinite social and financial intricacies of middle-sized businesses’.

‘Knowing that Hacker Young has a box at Old Trafford played no part in my decision to return to the fold,’ he insists. ‘I’m relishing the challenge of a more senior role within a group that has a wider national and international remit. Honest!’

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