Taking Stock – War – what is it good for? Exotic junkets, of course.

Off to the Savoy where TS helped the Scots ICA celebrate another year in London.

And we were royally entertained by Scottish secretary Dr John Reid, who kindly thanked his civil servants for preparing his speech and then went immediately ‘off-message’.

TS was particularly amused when he commented that this was the first gathering he had addressed where England and Wales were seen as a region of a Scotland.

Dr Reid was replying to an introduction given by David Swanney, who is chair of the ICAS England & Wales Area Committee. During his intro Swanney made mention of Reid’s numerous trips abroad, listing a number of exotic locations and wondered what the connection could possibly be, hinting that they may have been junkets.

Dr Reid retorted by pointing out the countries concerned were all at war, and as he used to have defence in his portfolio, he certainly hadn’t been on the trips for a quiet weekend.

As Dr Reid said himself, one really shouldn’t have a go at the guest speaker before he has spoken; and that was the last word on the subject.

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