CIPFA launches new qualifications

From December all candidates passing the institute’s P1 exam will be awarded a CIPFA certificate while those successful with P2 will get will be awarded a CIPFA diploma.

Candidates will still only gain the priviledge of putting CPFA after they pass the P3 paper.

Ken Gill, director of Education and Training at CIPFA, said: ‘These new qualifications are more than just part of an accountancy qualification. They are awarded in their own right to recognise the work that has gone into achieving them.

‘People deserve recognition for the elements of the course that they have achieved.’

CIPFA expects the new qualifications to be a draw for recruiters.

Steve Valentine, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Birmingham, said: ‘This is an important step by CIPFA. Employers like PwC will be able to advertise for part-qualified accountants specifying that we are seeking a CIPFA Certificate or Diploma.


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