Deloitte refocuses its non-profit support

has launched a multi-million dollar pro bono program, representing a major
change in the way the firm supports charitable organisations and the non-profit

The strategic new program will support up to $US50m (?25.5m) in result-driven
pro bono engagements, providing in-kind professional services to eligible
non-profit organisations over the next three years, particularly focused on
helping non-profit organisation deal with the business and operational issues
relating to social problems.

’As part of a major refocusing of Deloitte’s community involvement strategy,
we have fundamentally changed the way we approach pro bono service in order to
bring the full strength of our organisation to bear for non-profits,’ Barry
Salzberg, Deloitte chief executive officer, said.

The new pro bono program is at the centre of Deloitte’s strategic approach to
community involvement and focuses on mobilising the firm’s intellectual capital
to strengthen the non-profit sector.

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