Taking Stock – No entry to AC as it heads to its new home.

As is the case with most divorces, at least one party always has to depart from the marital home.

In business as with love, this is also the case, and the bitter split between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting was further cemented this week after AC revealed it had found a new headquarters.

The newly single consulting arm, which has still to decide on a new trading name, will leave the Arundel Court office in Aldwych and set sail for 60 Queen Victoria Street in the heart of the City in March next year.

AC has decided not to move into the vast flagship building at 33 Holborn Circus – the office widely expected to be taken and which was the former home of the Mirror Group – due to the fact it decided it did not need large amounts of space.

A spokeswoman for AC denied it had given up a sumptuous residence for the business equivalent of a two-bedroom semi-detached.

She said: ‘For over three years we have been looking to move to a new premises. Our business is changing and so we realised we did not need the vastness of Holborn Circus. Many of our staff now work flexible hours or out of the office and so we also needed a more flexible portfolio of office space.’

But, for now, the two parties continue to share the same premises and are still free to stroll through each other’s offices. The parties have also retained the use of equipment including their shared telephone lines and security passes.

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