EU accounts critic convicted of benefits fraud

A critic of European Union accounting has himself been
convicted of
benefits fraud.

Ashley Mote, 71, had started claiming income support and benefits after his
business collapsed, BBC News reported.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard he had failed to notify authorities when he
began earning money again and had received £73,000 in benefits over six years.

He has been serving as an independent MP, having been thrown out of UKIP, for
which he was elected as an MEP.

this year Mote
unveiled a 25,000-word report into EU accounting, detailing
issues with the poor treatment of whistleblowers, issues with opening and
closing balances and so-called ‘pre-financing’ issues (where intial payments are
made from EU funds), a report dismissed by Brussels officials.

Mote was found guilty of eight charges of false accounting, eight of
obtaining a money transfer by deception, four of evading liability and one of
failing to notify a change of circumstances.

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