ASP first for vendor.

The company has announced it will host the delivery of its own accounting and e-business management solutions – following months of discussions with parent company CA.

Officials said the company was able to launch itself as an ASP due to its link with CA’s technology and expertise. Other mid-market vendors have tended to establish ASP partnerships with companies such as IBM.

It is understood the company has no plans to scrap its packaged products, but it expects a 5-10% migration rate to the ASP over the next two years.

‘Within five years most of our customers will work within the ASP environment and ultimately it will replace the packaged system completely,’ said ACCPAC president and CEO David Hood.

The division has also launched ACCPAC Online – its ASP and e-business vehicle for SMEs. The site hosts the company’s accounting and e-business solutions – ACCPAC Corporate Series and ACCPAC eAdvantage Suite – as well as office productivity solutions including Microsoft Office 2000.

ACCPAC Online has been built based on Computer Associates’ own ASP and e-business infrastructure software, including Unicenter TNG and the eTrust security suite.

‘We are the first mid-market ERP vendor to become an ASP. No other mid-market ERP vendor can boast the technology and technologists available to us as part of Computer Associates,’ added Hood.

‘By ‘renting’ applications instead of buying them, SMEs can now receive secure, dependable access to the latest technology for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase hardware and software, implement network infrastructure, and maintain and upgrade these complex systems themselves’, he added.

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