Move of the month

Lesley Lorraine has joined William M Mercer as a principal in its international consulting practice. She will be responsible for developing strategic planning in expatriate benefits and compensation. 1. What is your biggest fear? Not being able to deliver because of variables outside my control. 2. Which company do you most admire? Microsoft – for quality of products together with positioning in the market. 3. What is your greatest professional achievement? The way I acclimatised professionally (and personally) to a new culture after moving overseas. 4. What is your greatest professional regret? The problems I faced acclimatising upon repatriation to the UK. 5. Which phrase or saying do you over-use? “In terms of” 6. What was your last cultural experience? Attending our annual HR conference in San Francisco. 7. What is the next ‘hot issue’ in consultancy? Adapting to the trend towards a united Europe. 8. Which organisation would you like to turn around? Microsoft – suggesting and implementing changes as a result of the recent ruling. 9. Which two words turn your stomach? “Delays” and “problems”. 10. What would you like to be doing in ten years time? Driving to work with ease and being able to park when I get there! ?:

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