Deloitte brought in to administer GuestInvest

Deloitte has been appointed administrator of
the buy-to-rent hotel scheme advertised under the slogan ‘Earn money while you
sleep’, said to have brought returns of more than 8% to investors who bought
luxury hotel rooms with the option to stay for up to 52 nights a year at no
extra charge, and earning rent from guests who stayed in owner’s absence.

GuestInvest, which owned five luxury hotels in central London, including
South Kensington Blakes Hotel, understood to be the London haunt of celebrities
such as Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman and Diana Ross, regarded as the jewel in the
company’s crown, according to
Press Association

The hotel, which was bought for ?34m last year from actress and designer
Anouska Hempel, is unaffected by the administration and is operating as normal.

An attempt by the group to sell Blakes’ 39 rooms for £1 million each, has
reportedly failed to attract any investors.

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