Insitutes – ACCA council member faces hearing

ACCA has begun disciplinary proceedings against a member of its council for what is believed to be only the second time in its history.

The case against Robert Jackson, managing partner of Manchester-based Thomson Morley Jackson & Co, was one of five due to be heard yesterday.

‘All concern allegations against a member firm and members that they have wrongfully completed and/or backdated applications to obtain free shares in a limited company,’ said ACCA.

A disciplinary hearing has powers to reprimand, severely reprimand or even expel a member from the association.

Jackson, who joined ACCA’s council in 1995, was not available for comment.

The hearing is expected to last three days.

In 1997, former vice-president Jim Waits was held to have brought ACCA into disrepute when he made ‘unprofessional remarks’ remarks about fellow member Prem Sikka.

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