MPs’ report slams HMRC staff cuts

MPs on the influential Treasury Committee have told HM Revenue & Customs
in a hard-hitting report that it is too reliant on slashing staff numbers in
order to hit efficiency targets.

In the 84-page document, MPs said they were not convinced by HMRC’s strategy
of cutting costs by slashing jobs, as this could compromise service. MPs also
said they were not satisfied with the way HMRC reported its progress against
efficiency targets.

‘We note the centrality of the headcount reductions to all areas of
contention, particularly the reliance on headcount reductions to achieve the
majority of HMRC’s monetary efficiency savings, and the consequential concerns
about quality of service,’ the MPs said in the document. ‘We question the
various methods used for reporting progress against the efficiency targets and
recommend a greater level of clarity in HMRC’s reporting.’

Government efficiency targets could see HMRC cut as many as 25,000 jobs, a
move that has left some staff demoralised and concerned taxpayers who fear that
staff cuts could hurt service quality.

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