Hitman sentenced over attempted murder of IRS investigator

Randy Nowak has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of
attempting to murder an IRS employee.

The employee was investigating Nowak’s individual and business tax
liabilities, according to

The undercover agent, who called himself Reaper, posed as a member of the
Outlaws motorcycle gang. The IRS investigation followed a tape recording of
Nowak alleging that he had ‘hidden’ more than $3m over eight years.

Last July, Nowak met with the undercover agent in July 2008 to make a $10,000
down payment for the killing of the IRS employee. During the meeting, Nowak
identified a picture of his intended victim and asked the undercover agent if he
would burn the IRS office in Lakeland because Nowak wanted his tax problems to
‘go away’.

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