ICAS calls for CCAB collaboration after failed merger

ICAS today said that the unsuccessful attempt by the ICAEW and CIPFA to merge
showed the importance of all institutes working together through the CCAB.

Des Hudson, ICAS chief executive, said it was not for ICAS to take a view on
why the merger failed, but did emphasis the role of the CCAB.

‘The unsuccessful merger raises a serious issue and shows that all institutes
need to work effectively through the CCAB to create a unified voice for the UK
profession,’ said Hudson.

Ahead of the merger ICAS was particularly concerned about the name of a
combined institute, an issue that Hudson said was still on the agenda.

‘ICAS will be seeking to clarify that an institute name will no longer be an
issue and will not be pursued further,’ said Hudson.

ICAS president Mike Hathorn, meanwhile, said arguments about consolidation
would ‘not go away’ in an open letter to ICAS members.

‘Arguments about consolidation will not go away,’ said Hathorn. ‘They may lie
dormant in the short to medium term, but I want to take this opportunity to
reassure you that ICAS has a healthy future as an independent institute.’

Hathorn said ICAS would ‘do all it can’ to keep its relationship with the
ICAEW and CIPFA ‘as strong as it can be’.

‘ICAS has long held the view that together we can make a success of the CCAB,
to turn it into a truly meaningful collective voice for the profession, and a ”
one stop shop” for consultation with government and decision makers,’ said
Hathorn, echoing Hudson’s sentiments.

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