Shadow chancellor to confront Tory tax cut calls

George Osborne will today promise voters that the Tories will not introduce
under-funded tax cuts as he challenges elements of the party who are pushing for
tax cuts.

In a speech to be delivered today Osborne will commit the Tories to matching
Labour’s spending plans for the next two years and review spending in 2010-2011.

Heavyweight Tories, such as Treasury Committee member Michael Fallon, however
are set to push Osborne hard to commit to some tax cuts.

Fallon told the FT that matching tax cuts in one area with tax rises
in another undermined ‘the moral case for lower taxation’.

Osborne will also use the speech to attack Alistair Darling.

‘I suspect the chancellor of the Exchequer will never recover a reputation
for competence,’ Osborne will say.

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