Prestige adds to Masterpiece

Business Process Flow enables users to define who should see what transactions and can be programmed to automate finance department procedures.

The software is based on jFlow, a Web-friendly Java product from The Workflow Automation Company of Ontario, Canada. Like Masterpiece/Net itself, jFlow applications are accessible to users using Web browser software.

This reduces the cost and complexity of deployment, said Prestige UK general manager James Jones. While BPF controls workflow processes on the server, authorised users will be able to define processes on their desktops.

The cost of the software will range from #300-#2,000 per workstation.

Masterpiece/Net has revived CA’s market in the UK, said Jones. Around 200 UK customers have taken on the Web-deployable software.

‘Since we introduced Masterpiece/Net a year ago, intranets and extranets have become part of the finance director’s language. We consider the Net as just another platform, while some other vendors are saying customers have to make an either/or choice,’ said Jones.

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