Landsbanki savers in Guernsey unlikely to recoup deposits

administrators of the Guernsey subsidiary of Icelandic Landsbanki warned
yesterday more than 2000 savers of the bank were unlikely to recoup all their


Depositors have been offered a preliminary pay-out worth just 30%. An initial
survey of Landsbanki
’s assets and liabilities by Deloitte found only £41m of the £121m
owed to depositors and others was available for distribution, the Financial

The administrators said their ability to pay depositors in full had been
hampered by
the subsequent collapse of Heritable Bank, a UK subsidiary of Landsbanki.
held £36m of Landsbanki Guernsey assets.

Rick Garrard, one of the administrators, warned that, without a depositor
protection scheme in Guernsey, depositors were forced to rely on the governments
of Guernsey, the UK and Iceland to compesate any shortfall, which he said ‘is
not an obligation and cannot be assumed’.

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