Jersey accountant claims to be royalty

Robert Brown, an accountant from St Lawrence in Jersey, will go to court this
week in attempt to prove that he is the illegitimate child of
Princess Margaret and
12th in line to the throne.

The case will call on the judge to rule on the rights of illegitimate
children to the royal succession.

Brown will also use the
Human Rights Act
to challenge the rules that bar public inspection of the ‘sealed’ wills of
Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

According to The Independent, Brown, 51, who was born in Kenya, has
taken his case to court after alleging that
Buckingham Palace refused to confirm or
deny his claim to royal title by accepting his offer of a DNA test, which would
conclusively settle the issue.

If he wins his claim it is possible that he will be entitled to tens of
millions of pounds in inheritance.

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