UK software industry secures green boost

The UK software industry’s efforts to demonstrate its green credentials
received a boost this week after French software developers and vendors
announced that they were to adopt its environmental framework.

The French Association of Software Developers (Association Francaise Des
Editeurs De Logiciels – AFDL) signed BASDA’s green charter binding them to its
environmental principles from next year.

Software companies that sign up to the charter must adhere to a set of
guiding principles which include: reducing their own carbon footprint; providing
technology that allows its clients to become carbon efficient; and working to
increase awareness of environmental issues.

Companies in the UK that have already signed up include Version One, Oracle,
Sage, Access Accounting, COA Solutions, CODA, Pegasus, Sapphire, Mamut and

AFDL, like its British counterpart, announced that it was also in the process
of signing up business software companies to the environmental framework.

Jairo Rojas, director general at BASDA, said: ‘The BASDA green charter now
has the attention of policy makers within the EC and government ministers
outside the UK. I want to make sure that the UK government is also fully aware
of the initiative and how BASDA is proactively working with the software and IT
industry in providing the tools and technology to aid the challenging task ahead
of us to enable a carbon efficient economy.’

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