Learning to develop consultants

On 2 April, 38 representatives from major consultancy practices, employers of internal consultants and consultancy training providers attended the IMC event, “The Competent Consultant”. The event presented the IMC’s progress on the DTI-funded scheme to establish a nationally recognised credit framework for competency in consultancy, and the new IMC Certified Practice scheme.

Speakers included Christine Dyke, training consultant, Coopers & Lybrand and Marguerite Connock, principal consultant, Lorien (P-E) who talked about the need to demystify and quantify consultancy skills through a competence-based approach. Coopers & Lybrand has a competency development programme which gives a clear picture of the current capabilities and future needs of the organisation as well as a focused assessment of individuals.

Lorien (P-E) is also introducing a competency framework which incorporates assignment-based training and self-assessment.

Mike Jeans FIMC CMC of KPMG spoke of a convergence of views in the consultancy world: academics, accrediting organisations, large practices and the IMC are all moving towards a competence-based approach. IMC’s updated Certified Management Consultant (CMC) assessment procedure which commences in June recognises the different ways of gaining specific competencies. The CMC standards can be used by Certified Practices as an external validation of their training and development of their consultants, who can work towards the internationally recognised CMC qualification.

For a report on the first stage of the project fax Jean Garner, DTI Sector Challenge project manageron 0171-831 4597.

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