Taking Stock – Dotcom for life, not just for Xmas.

Readers with long memories might recall before Christmas the modestly titled domain www.theaccountinggenius.com was up for grabs, courtesy of DotComforChristmas.

All readers had to do was say in less than 50 words what they would do with the site once it was in their possession.

Our virtual postbag was stuffed with suggestions, some of them displaying a high degree of imagination (though regrettably a number also resorted to baser ideas).

The judges sat for hours deciding who was worthy of such a domain with a few entrepreneurial types planning to win and then sell the site on, though TS was not sure who would actually pay money for it.

Finally, the winner emerged. David Simpson of Fletcher Greenwood simply said: ‘At Accounting Genius you don’t get any nasty surprises. Tell us the profit and we will fabricate some accounts to match, just like the old days!’ TS assumes David was being slightly tongue in cheek, but such an attitude would certainly have marked him out as a genius in days gone by.

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