Software Buyers Guides launched. has launched one of the most comprehensive directories of software suppliers and services available on the internet. The Software Buyers Guides, accessed by clicking on the yellow icon at the top of pages, enables finance professionals to search for information about software and IT services that most closely meet their needs. This service helps by cutting down on the amount of time wasted in searching for products and suppliers. It also helps financial professionals ensure they are aware of all the options for improving, updating or purchasing new software systems. For the IT provider, the Buyers Guides provide a list of potential customers who have registered an interest in their specific services or fields. Leading producers of financial software available in the UK are listed in the directory, along with a description and phone number. The Buyers Guides are constantly updated as suppliers add new information and products. For more information call 0870 876 1111, access or e-mail: And don’t forget, is offering visitors to the site chance to win a luxury weekend in Barcelona.

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