IRS seeks accountants in fight against tax evasion

USA’s Internal Revenue Service (IRA) has booked a conference call for
Tuesday, with accountants such as
Ernst & Young
to discuss ways their auditing departments can help clamp down on tax evasion by
US citizens.

The US government believes tax evaders are costing the country hundreds of
millions of dollars a year in lost revenues, The Times reports.

‘We are concerned generally by what we are seeing and hearing’ how some
foreign banks are behaving when it comes to their customers’ payment of US
taxes, an email said from Barry Shott, a deputy IRS commissioner in charge of
international taxes, to the six big accountancy firms.

Next week’s conference call is also thought to include Deloitte &
Touche, Grant Thornton, KPMG and BDO Seidman and will centre on how the auditors
can help the US government to make its ongoing ‘Qualified Intermediary’
programme more effective which enables foreign banks operating in the US to
release the names and details of customers in return for lenient treatment on
their taxes.

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