The Big Question: Would you invest in Rover?

An overwhelming 76% of finance directors have said they would not invest in Rover since its acquisition by the Phoenix consortium from BMW. Just six per cent of the respondents in this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Big Question survey said they would definitely invest in Rover. Only one of those who said they would invest would be named. Most emphatic however, were those who believe Rover is not worth investing in. Ian Rae, FD at Penlon Ltd, the medical equipment manufacturer, said: ‘Who would invest in a dog?’ Andrew Bulivent, FD at Birkby Plastics, said though he would not invest now, there might be a time in the future. ‘I would wait until they have turned it around. Product development will be very expensive and I am unsure they have the funding at the moment. I hope it will work, however, as our company supplies them.’ But Ken Hutchins, FD at electronics manufacturer Diamond H Controls, believes there are opportunities at Rover. ‘BMW is desperate to get out so the purchase price should be advantageous and give an opportunity for capital growth.’

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