PBR date announced

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The Treasury has announced its presentation of the pre-Budget report and
comprehensive spending review on Tuesday, 9 October at 3.45pm.

The department deliberately held back the date until now as prime minister
Gordon Brown decided whether to call a November election – three years earlier
than expected.

Speculation had been growing that finance minister Alistair Darling would
make the PBR to parliament on Monday or early on Tuesday so that Brown would
then still have time to call an election for November 1 before the worst of the

A full decision over whether to call an election will probably follow next
week, after an assessment of several polls which have begun to emerge today and
will continue into the weekend.

This year’s PBR deliver will be by the new chancellor, Alistair Darling,
expected to reveal the Comprehensive Spending Review – the government’s official
announcement of how much different Whitehall departments will have to spend over
the next three years.

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