FRC chairman announces FRRP members

The Financial Reporting Council’s chairman, Sir Christopher Hogg, has
announced seven appointments to the Financial
Reporting Review Panel

Two corporate appointments include former CFO of CDT Inc, Daniel Abrams, and
HBOS chief accountant James Coyle.

KPMG partners have strong presence in the group which include the likes of
the firm’s vice-chairman of KPMG’s Global Energy and Natural Resources Practice
and partner Jimmy Daboo. Other KPMG partners also appointed include Chris
Moulder, who specialises in insurance, and Richard Pinckard of the consumer and
industrial markets business unit.

Ernst & Young’s head of audit, David
, and HM Treasury’s head of the Government Finance Profession,
Mary Keegan were also given positions on
the panel.

‘I am delighted to welcome seven new appointments to the Financial Reporting
Review Panel,’ said FRC chairman Sir Christopher. ‘The range of experience and
knowledge brought by these members will provide valuable additional resources to
the Panel and ensure that it continues to draw on all sections of the financial
reporting community.’

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