Taking Stock – Swedish songsters take to number crunching.

Money, money, money, the issue of cash and who gets it and how, is certainly no laughing matter for the self-elected watchdogs at the Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs usually known as AABA. The crusading fivesome – Labour MPs Jim Cousins and Austin Mitchell, and academics Prem Sikka, Christine Cooper and Patricia Arnold – are taking a chance on exposing those who have ‘colonised the public space to advance their narrow interests’. Visit their website at http://visar.csustan.edu/aaba/aaba.htm and the band of five has inadvertently named itself after those loveable Swedish 70s Euro popsters ABBA. TS thought Xanadu, that mythical destination for visionaries and dreamers, could be the sharp eyed crusaders first port of call. The site declares ‘Join ABBA’, and goes on to say it costs #10 (Benny and Bjorn were never so cheap). Join ABBA, they say, if you are ‘concerned about the excesses of insolvency practitioners’. Do Frida and Agnetha know about this? What do they know of insolvency? And of course, if you are going to name yourselves after a 70s Swedish pop group you better prepare with a few tunes, just in case you’re called upon to do a turn. But that’s precisely the AABA’s question, isn’t it? Who’s singing whose tune at ACCA? ACCA better watch out because Prem and the boys may be coming to the next AGM with a whole new routine and who knows whose Waterloo it will be.

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