Banks to disclose IFRS impacts this week

This week, the UK’s leading banks will present their restated 2004 IFRS accounts to a market still coming to terms with the new standards.

Link: FSA CEO steps into IFRS debate

In guidance issued towards the end of last year, most banks revealed that adjusted earnings per share would drop by approximately 5% – but analysts have expressed concern that the new figures could still cause confusion as auditors and banks grapple with the new interpretations.

‘It might not be much clearer, as I think different levels of details may be provided by some of the banks,’ CSFB’s Michael Lever told the Financial Times.

Helen Weir, the finance director of Lloyds TSB said she was not sure analysts were prepared for the changes in the new standards.

‘I’ve been talking to analysts and I’m not sure they are fully prepared for the changes as they come through,’ said Weir.

Experts have said that the interpretation of standards affecting insurance will be particularly complex.

The standard for insurance – IAS12 – affects the value of the existing book of life assurance businesses and its interpretation is still a topic of debate among auditors.

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