Former CBI head to face iSoft questions

Sir Digby Jones, the
former director-general of the CBI, is
likely to be questioned over his role as a non-executive director at iSoft,
despite not being an accountant.

This follows the Accountancy Investigation and Discipline Board saying it
will examine the conduct of accountants who were executive or non-executive
directors at the group for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 financial years.

Sir Digby was until last July a
director of iSoft
. He left just six months before a string of profit
warnings and an accounting policy change wiped out about 90% of the group’s
stock market value.

Cameron Scott, the counsel at the AIDB, told The Times that Sir
Digby could be one of several directors interviewed as part of the

Sir Digby said: ‘I welcome the investigation. It’s absolutely right and
proper that an investigation takes place.

‘If they ask to speak to me I will gladly meet with them and tell them
everything I know. I will co-operate because it’s very important that issues
such as this are properly investigated.’

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