FRC announces director of auditing

The regulator’s director of the Professional Oversight Board has been
appointed to the role of director of auditing at the FRC.

Paul George is to take overall responsibility of the Financial Reporting
Council’s goals of ensuring that users of audit reports can rely on audit
opinions as well as determining whether financial statements offer a true and
fair view of accounts.

George’s new role is to facilitate the coordination of work by the Auditing
Practices Board, the Audit Inspection Unit and the Professional Oversight Board,
while also maintaining effective staff support for these activities.

His mandate also includes participation in international discussions
pertaining to accounting regulation, on behalf of the FRC.

He will continue his POB role as director and he will maintain his work
relating to the FRC’s strategic outcome for the professionalism of accountants
and actuaries.

FRC chief executive, Paul Boyle said George’s experience of the practice and
regulation of auditing ‘will be an invaluable asset in the achievement of the
FRC’s strategic outcome relating to auditing’

In a statement George said he was delighted with his new responsibilities and
looked forward to his ongoing work for the FRC.

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