Big Four take their pick

The Big Four have sifted through around 20,000 job applications from graduates and are appointing almost 3,500 applicants this year.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has already completed its recruitment of 1,000 students soon to graduate, Deloitte is nearly there with its 1,000 target, KPMG is also ahead of its timetable in recruiting 830, as is Ernst & Young in its quest for 600 graduates.

This year 10,000 students applied to Deloitte, of which 3,000 were seen and 1,200 offered jobs. PwC said that 95% of those it offered jobs to accepted. KPMG’s acceptance rate was 90% and Ernst & Young had an 85% acceptance rate.

Charles Macleod, director of recruitment at PwC, said: ‘10% of graduates say they would consider a career in accounting. That means there is a pool of 35,000 to choose from.’

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