Fantasy Budget winner

And he is…Steve Jones, of Morley in Leeds, a ACA-qualified financial project manager with Provident Financial, based in Bradford, who will shortly be receiving his £100 worth of Oddbins vouchers.

Steve got all the predictions correct, and his estimate that the chancellor would speak for 58 minutes and 27 seconds was only about 70 seconds longer than the actual length of the Budget speech.

To recap, the correct answers were:

  1. Increase the duty on beer? – NO
  2. Introduce a green tax on carrier bags? – NO
  3. Raise the standard rate of VAT to 20% or more? – NO
  4. Introduce VAT on postage? – NO
  5. Bring in VAT on food? – NO
  6. Speak for more than 40 minutes? – YES
  7. Use the word ‘prudence’ more than five times? – NO
  8. Raise the audit threshold? – NO
  9. Wear a red tie? – NO
  10. Reform the consultation process for finance measures? – NO

Tie breaker: Gordon Brown spoke for 57 minutes and 17 seconds.

Thank you to all those who entered, and better luck next time!

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