Baker Tilly attempts to reconnect WSI

Partners Cedric Clapp and Andrew Sheridan are attempting to sell the developer of the next generation technology for mobile phones as a going concern after the company succumbed to the slump in the sector.

Clapp said he was ‘very optimistic’ about selling the Bristol-based business after receiving several expressions of interest within hours of the appointment.

He said: ‘Many millions of pounds have been invested in the company, enabling it to achieve 12 to 18 months competitive technological advantage in the market. That position is very attractive to potential purchasers and as result we have already received a great deal of interest over a very short period.’

The company was established in 1995 and designs base station power amplifiers that allow broadband mobile data transfers. It has pioneered the development of digital predistortion technology that is considered to be the next standard for mobile networks.

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