Polished partners to profit Deloitte

Deloitte Consulting Group has set up a coaching initiative called the Enabling Leadership Programme to help rapidly improve its partners’ consulting performance. By increasing Deloitte’s partners’ effectiveness it aims to maximise profits.

The firm has already put 130 partners through the programme, who “have raved about the course”, according to Deloitte Consulting’s managing partner John Everett.

Over the next year, the firm intends to train all its 800 partners in the new coaching methods developed by outside consultants such as Performance Consultants’ Sir John Whitmore.

“We are coaching people across all industries to improve team work and openness so that people become more effective. We want to develop an environment where people communicate very rapidly,” Everett said.

The coaching drive aims to enable the firm to increase profits and grow to the size of the other Big Four consultancy firms.

“Eventually, globally, there will only be four or five major consultancy firms and we want to be one of them. We have brought in many new people: 40 per cent of our partners have been with us for less than two years.

Revenue growth at the end of May was 40 per cent,” he said.

To prepare for global growth and expansion, the firm has created a single profit pool. Profit sharing and distribution is controlled by the firm’s New York office.

“The partners in the UK now share the consulting profits with the partners in the US,” Everett said. “UK-based partners focus on maximising profits in the UK, but they are urged to invest further afield in Europe and the US.”

In the UK, Deloitte Consulting has also reorganised its profit centres and profit measures, from many to just one.

“We did it to break down the parochialism and stop the squabbling between consultants over who has which job,” commented Everett.

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