William Hill blasts UK’s tax on internet gambling

has attacked the UK government’s ‘flip-flopping’ gambling policy after
recording an underlying 10% fall in first-half profits resulting from losing
results at Euro 2008 and Royal Ascot.

Ralph Topping, chief executive, called for a cut in the 15% tax paid by
UK-based bookmakers on internet gambling and warned the government against any
crackdowns on fixed-odds betting terminals, The Daily Telegraph

‘We paid £267m in taxes last year plus £30m in levies to the horseracing and
greyhound industries and employ 14,000 people,’ Topping said. ‘This business has
to be allowed some room to grow. What I am saying to the Government is, please
think things through from all angles.’

Topping said a 15% gross profits tax on online gambling was not appropriate,
arguing it made UK-based bookmakers uncompetitive against offshore rivals.

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