Taking Stock – Thomas & the Dinosaurs, part 3 by Economica.

Last June we left Thomas (Peter Wyman), Clarabella (Dame Sheila Masters), Pooh Bear (Graham Ward) and the Fat Controller (Chris Swinson) watching in horror from Moorgate terminal as the dissident engine, Ginger (John Cook), took the English ICA dinosaurs back to Onexam station. Clarabella: (knocks Fat Controller out with handbag) I’m in charge now. I hope Ginger realises what he’s done. Our dinosaurs at Onexam are a sitting target for the marauding Icassies from up north. Pooh: They’re a small tribe that takes children. We must protect ours. Thomas: Let’s do up Onexam station, then we can defend it. Clarabella: What a good idea. Thomas: (blushing modestly) Anything for you, Clarabella. Six months later: the opening of refurbished Onexam station Pooh: Baby Roo (Nick Land, senior partner, Ernst & Young) has thrown a wobbly. He wants to run away with the Icassies. He’ll only have to go to school for 20 weeks with them. It’s 28 at the dinosaur school. Clarabella: But it’s 20 in our new school. Pooh: He runs a smartie shop after school – extra time means more pocket money. He doesn’t believe our school’s ready. Clarabella: We must make sure it is. I hereby declare Onexam Station open. Thomas: There’s an express coming. It’s the flying Scotsman! Baby Roo’s in the cab waving his teddy. Clarabella, stand back! Baby Roo: Scots wha’ hae! (Flattens Clarabella with teddy). Thomas: Clarabella, wake up. We must stop the Icassies getting Baby Roo’s playmates. Clarabella: Oh, my head, it’s not much fun being Queen of the May. Will you help Thomas? Thomas: (tenderly) Of course, Clarabella. Then I’ll take over. Will Thomas and Clarabella save the dinosaur children from the marauding Icassies? Watch this space.

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