Peace, love, and goodwill…Andersen

Link: Andersen UK named in shredding charge

For its Christmas advertising campaign in the US, Heineken got into the holiday spirit by using one of the most infamous moments in recent corporate history to get its beer drinkers into the festive spirit.

The ad opens on a typical winters night. The camera pans across an office block showing people enjoying Christmas parties, ‘snow’ falling outside, with the old classic ‘Let it snow’ playing in the background.

But, then it moves up to the top floor, where a group of executives are enjoying festivities of a different kind. They are ‘making’ the snow themselves – throwing it out the window in a mad rush.

Only its not really snow – think of the word ‘shredding’, a certain infamous former Big Five firm, and you should get the picture.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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