Michael Izza in ‘listening mode’

Michael Izza, the man chosen to replace Eric Anstee as
ICAEW chief executive, is going into ‘listening mode’ until the end of the year.

Although taking up the position officially from 6 December, Izza has already
entered into an unofficial handover period alongside Anstee.

‘Firstly I’ll be in listening mode with all our members’ said Izza.

‘It’s important that I’ve listened up to 31 December, then I have things in
mind to launch in the New Year, but I don’t want to lay my cards on the table
about those things yet.’

While Izza has said that he will continue with the ICAEW’s strategy of
consolidation among the institutes, but it was not an urgent priority.

Instead, Izza said his main focus would be on growing the institute’s
international reach and influence, and helping members in their careers.

He said that if any changes to the strategy were made in the future, they
would only be ‘tweaks’.

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