Deloitte’s global CEO warns against protectionism

Promoting free trade and investment is paramount to reigniting confidence
between the United States and European economies, Deloitte’s global chief
executive Jim Quigley told a delegation of international government and business

Quigley stressed the need for transatlantic co-operation in the face of the
current crisis. His speech coincides with a release of the book ‘Transatlantic
Economy 2009: Annual Survey of Jobs, Trade and Investment between the United
States and Europe’ by Dan Hamilton.

The book estimates the combined GDP of the transatlantic market was $30
trillion in 2007, accounting for over half of all global GDP.

Quigley called on leaders on both sides of the Atlantic to reject
protectionism and replace fear with confidence. He welcomed greater efforts to
adopt a single set of global financial reporting and accounting standards.

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