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Mayday Energy Centre Limited was set up to construct an energy and waste disposal plant for the Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust in Croydon.

But officers at the trust have taken the decision to call in receivors when construction failed to meet completion deadlines.

The European Union and its financial management systems are back under pressure after publication of a report from the NAO revealing estimates that £3bn was lost as a result of errors.

Sir John Bourn, head of the NAO claims accounting procedures urgently need improvements.

The UK government suffered its own embarrassment when it announced the launch of its new red-tape cutting organisation the Small Business Council had to be delayed.

The body has still to reveal who its 20-strong members will be and was due to start work in March. It is now understood the launch will now take place in May.

Among the new special reports on this week is a look at the world of WAP, the big fat mobile phones over which you can connect to the internet, which the IT world is claiming will shake-up the world of communication on the move even further.

The special report tells you all you need to know, questions how much use the new technology will be, and takes a peek even further into the future, for example looking at e-paper – a material as thin and portable as paper but which can be refreshed like a computer screen.

Another special report takes a detailed look at the IR35 rules which are now in force, exploring the practical implications for those previously self-employed contractors affected.

Also this week, features a round-table discussion involving top FDs from our sister publication, Financial Director magazine, about the perils and pitfalls of budgeting.

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